Conference NRO 2016

Department of Sociology of Culture, Institute of Sociology, University of Szczecin
and Szczecin division of the Polish Sociological Association

invite you to the IVth International Conference:

Nations, Regions, Organizations ― Liquid  Structures and Cultures
25-26 October 2016, Szczecin, Poland.

The fourth conference, dedicated to the analysis of social impact of the diversity of cultures, will be focusing on the aspect of relationship between structure and culture in a situation of increasing liquidity of social life. We are aiming to analyze the following issues:

  • dimensions and boundaries of changes in the context of society’s stability;
  • transformation of functioning of structures as a frame supporting order between social actors; structural importance of maintaining, in given cultures, rules and norms of behavior;
  • durability and variability of the shaped patterns, which have a different (limiting or stimulating) impacts on the social activity of the individual;
  • the process of dealing with both: pressure of structures and cultures and liquidity of social world, which makes the actor deprived of a stable social support; the consequences of taken on (or lack of acceptance) roles in structures and cultures; the principles of contemporary negotiation within society.

We suggest analyzing the level of stability / volatility of structures and cultures in contemporary society, focusing on the following thematic areas:

  • social structure and culture of the nation and the problem of migration;
  • cultural capital and social capital within the liquid reality;
  • new structural determinants of lifestyle;
  • individual strategies of upward social mobility and patterns of „social degradation”;
  • interchangeability of components of social status and new determinants of social prestige;
  • organization of work and the shape of social structure and culture; prestige and attractiveness of selected occupations;
  • cultural dimensions of demographic changes;
  • structure, open to negotiations ― discussion of the rules of social activity;
  • new regionalism as a way of grounding, stabilizing culture and social structure;
  • maritime and land structures ― towards maritime sociology.

Scinetific Committee:

  • Prof. Ekaterina Astachowa, Ukrainian Academy, Charkiv
  • Prof. Rafał Drozdowski, Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Prof. Zbigniew Galor, University of Szczecin
  • Prof. Jerzy Kochan, University of Szczecin
  • Prof. Krzysztof Koseła, University of Warsaw
  • Prof. Oksana Kozłowa, University of Szczecin
  • Prof. Barbara Kromolicka, University of Szczecin
  • Prof. Zbigniew Kurcz, University of Wrocław
  • Prof. Władysław Misiak, University of Warsaw
  • Prof. Iwan Osiński, University of Buriacia, Ułan-Ude
  • Prof. Nikolaj Skvorcov, Saint Petersburg State University
  • Prof. Marek S. Szczepański, University of Silesia
  • Prof. Anna Śliz, University of Opole
  • Prof. Elżbieta Tarkowska
  • Prof. František Zich, University of Finance and Administration, Prague

Organizing committee:

  • dr Arkadiusz Kołodziej - the coordinator
  • dr Robert Bartłomiejski

Important dates:

  • 15.07.2016 ― not later than this date you will get information from organizers about the acceptance of the paper;
  • 25.08.2016 ― deadline for payment of conference fee;
  • 31.01.2017 ― deadline for sending the paper to be published (provided the reviewer’s decision is positive).

Conference languages: English, Polish.

Conference fee: € 85 ― full participation; € 45 ― only publication or participation without presentation.

The conference fee covers:

  • participation in the conference
  • lunches during two days of the conference
  • paper publication in a post-conference monograph
  • gala dinner

In case of any questions contact:

Arkadiusz Kołodziej


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