Conference NRO 2018

Department of Sociology of Culture, Institute of Sociology, University of Szczecin and Szczecin division of the Polish Sociological Association
invite you to the Vth International Conference:


”Nations, Regions, Organizations – cultures of diversity”

25 -26th October 2018, Szczecin



We invite you for our 5th international conference. The main issue of this edition would be cultural diversity.

The main aim of the Conference is a direct exchange of views as well discussion on  the idea, reception and reflection of the phenomenon of expanding cultural heterogeneity on all the levels of social life. We hope considerations on mechanisms of functioning of culturally heterogeneous communities in various social contexts will make it possible to determine relationships. Taking them  into account  may  optimize social practices. It will also serve as  an inspiration for  further studies and the creation of new theoretical concepts.

The following topics are going to be discussed during the Conference:

  • problems of integration and identity in culturally heterogeneous communities
  • techniques of constructing the dialogue of cultures – trust, partnership, competition
  • theoretical arrangements in social capital management and practices of its functioning in culturally inhomogeneous communities
  • conflicts in culturally heterogeneous environment and ways of overcoming them
  • commonplace practices in culturally diverse communities.


Scientific Committee:

  • Ekaterina Astachowa, Ukrainian Academy, Charkiv
  • Alfredo Martinez Bobillo University of Valladolid
  • Urszula Chęcińska Uniwersity of Szczecin
  • Krzysztof Kosełła University of Warsaw
  • Oksana Kozłowa Uniwersity of Szczecin
  • Zbigniew Kurcz University of Wroclaw
  • Nailya R. Malikova Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Jonas Mardosa Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences Vilnius
  • Karol Piasecki Uniwersity of Szczecin


Organizing Committee:

  • dr Żaneta Stasienik – the coordinator,  (e-mail:
  • dr Wioleta Bryniewicz
  • dr Arkadiusz Kołodziej
  • dr Kalina Kukiełko – Rogozińska

Important notions:

  • 09/15/ 2018 - abstracts and registrations deadline
    09/18/ 2018 - feedback deadline
    09/21/ 2018 – conference fee deadline
    01/31/ 2019 – submission deadline.

Conference languages: English, Polish.

Conference fee: € 85 ― full participation; € 40 ― only publication or participation without presentation. 


Bank transfer informations:

University of Szczecin

IBAN: PL 46 1050 1559 1000 0022 8790 4474


Sub account number: 0155


In case of any questions contact: Żaneta Stasieniuk (e-mail:

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