dr Małgorzata Wałejko

dr Małgorzata Wałejko


Małgorzata Wałejko, PhD

/Status as on 15.05.2017/




  Personal information and employment:

  Name: Małgorzata Jadwiga Wałejko

  Current position: Assistant Professor

  Institute of Pedagogy, University of Szczecin

  ul. Ogińskiego 16/17, 71-431Szczecin, Poland

  Email: malgorzata.walejko@usz.edu.pl

  Family status: Married with 3 children, lay Dominican 


Educational background:

2006 - PhD in pedagogy, specialized in: philosophy of education, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, doctoral dissertation on: Distinctiveness and communitivity as features of human personal being – pedagogical consequences (in Polish)

2003 - MA in theology, specialized in: family sciences, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Warsaw, MA thesis on: Marriage purity as an attitude of interpersonal communion in a family in the light of teachings of Pope John Paul II ‘He created them male and female’ (in Polish); Grade: Excellent

2000 - MA in pedagogy, University of Szczecin, MA thesis on: Personal and pharmacological influence of a hospital on the change of the structure of values in patients (in Polish) ; Grade: Excellent /individual study program: course extended with ontology and axiology/

Languages: English: FCE, Cambridge University (1996)

Didactic activity

a. Lectures on the invitation of foreign universities

Monograph lecture, 12 hours of teaching on: Education for truth in love and dying. Elements of pedagogical ethics. On invitation of St. Thomas of Aquinas Institute, Kiev, Ukraine; May 31 – June 2, 2016

b. Introducing a new course to the study plan, curriculum development

Pedagogical ethics – mandatory lectures and exercises of a pedagogy course (implementation and coordination)

c. Subjects of lectures at University of Szczecin

Present: pedagogical ethics, contemporary upbringing trends and concepts, social education and ethics

Previously: theoretical basis of education, moral education, gender studies, pedeutology, methodology of mental work and channeling of individual development, leisure pedagogy, humanistic education, directions of education in 21st c. pedagogy, general pedagogy, methodology of pedagogical work, sexual education, educational competences, educational issues of teacher’s work

In spe (2017/2018):   The Pedagogy of Solitude (monograph lecture in English)

d. Promoting diploma theses

Since 2015      Assistant promoter for PhD dissertation      

Scientific activity

a. Monograph

Osobno i razem. Personalistyczne wychowanie do samotności i wspólnoty (Separately and together. Personalistic education to solitude and community), Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego, Szczecin 2016, p. 357. (individual monograph, habilitation, two positive reviews)



b. Chapters in reviewed and scientific books (in Polish)

A man is not ‘for what’. Personalistic view on selflessness, In: ‘Deeply humane society’, ed. I. Jazukiewicz and A. Więcko, WN US, Szczecin 2015

‘Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven’. What Jesus warned adults against? In: ‘Deeply humane society’, ed. I. Jazukiewicz and A. Więcko, WN US, Szczecin 2015

Between metaphysics and practice. Ontic attitudes of personalistic pedagogy, In: ‘Philosophy of education in pedagogical practice’, ed. A. Szudra-Barszcz, S. Sztobryn, Lublin 2012 

Consonance of solitude and cummunitivity and education process, In: ‘Anthropological general pedagogy’, ed. M. Nowak, P. Magier, I. Szewczak, Lublin 2010 

Horizon of personal fulfilment – between solitude and loneliness of elderly people. Anthropological-ethical-psychological perspective, In: ‘Love and senescence. Integration of generations’, ed. B. Bugajska, Szczecin 2010 

About silence as a gate to blessed solitude, In: ‘Youth as a hope of the Church and the world’, ed. Rev. L. Balter, Rev. S. Dusza, Rev. S Pawłowski, Rev. A. Piętka, Kolekcja Communio 18, Poznań 2008

Boundaries of decency in engagement, In: ‘from falling in love to full love’, ed. Ł. Woś OP, Rev. J. Konieczny, D. Jurczak OP, A. Wysocki OP, Introduction by Cardinal S. Dziwisz, Kraków 2008

Philosophical anthropologies of various periods as a source of non-homogeneity of humanism, In: ‘Humanistic education – challenge and reality’, ed. T. Strawa, D. Kierszka, Szczecin 2002

c. Articles in scientific magazines (in Polish)

How many points for ethos? Selflessness and vocation as absent features in academic careers, ‘Pedagogy of higher school’ 2/2014 

Dynamics of love and its truthfulness on the base of ethic and metaphysical personalism. Pedagogic implications, ‘Pedagogic Yearbooks’, Vol. 4 (40), Lublin 2012 

About dialectics of solitude and love. Considerations on the margin of love relations between man and woman, ‘Homo Dei’ Theological and Priesthood Review, 1 (2009)

Gender and Christian personalistic anthropology, ‘Horizons of Education’ 7 / 2008 (13)

Transcendental attitude of dialogue and love. Considerations on solitude which becomes communion space, In: ‘Communio’ International Theological Review, 1 (2008)

Obedience and subservience. Perspective of ethical personalism, ‘Refleksje’ Western Pomeranian Education Monthly Magazine, 1 (2008)

A meeting in transcendental dimension of solitude. Memories of Professor Wojciech Chudy, In: ‘Ethos’ Quarterly Magazine of the John Paul II Institute, KUL – Lublin, and John Paul II Foundation – Rome, 3-4 (2007)

Solitude and loneliness - personal existential states of a man. Ethical and metaphysical analysis, ‘Yearbooks of Social Sciences, Catholic University of Lublin. Pedagogical Publication’, 2007, Vol. 35 

Boundaries of decency in engagement, ‘Teofil’, Philosophical and Theological Publication of Dominicans, 2 (26) 2007

John Paul II reconstruction of primal human experience of personal solitude and oneness, ‘Yearbooks of Social Sciences, Catholic University of Lublin. Pedagogical Publication’, 2006, Vol. 34  

d. Grants for research projects attracted through competitive procedure

2010 - GRANT of Ministry of Science and Higher Education (38th Competition): Own research project on Dialectics of solitude and communitivity of personal being – pedagogical consequences

e. Scientific conferences and gatherings

Member of Conference Organizational Committee:

Member of the Organizational Committee for three conferences (including one international) on humanities issues in higher education and personalistic philosophy of education (2015, 2009, 2008)

Speeches delivered: 11

e.g. (Self)education through and for solitude of suffering, Dignity of a person in a hospital gown. From subsistence to dignity, Truth about ourselves, How many points for ethos? Selflessness and vocation as absent factors in academic careers, Between metaphysics and practice (in Polish)

f. Scientific publications editing

Member of the Editorial Board of a semiannual magazine ‘Pedagogy of the School of Higher Education’ by University of Szczecin

g. Member of scientific societies

B. F. Trentowski Society of Philosophical Pedagogy (since 2011)

h. Main research areas

Pedagogy of solitude, dialectics of solitude and communitivity in a person, pedagogical ethics, metaphysical and ethical personalism, philosophy of education, pedagogy of dying; theology of spirituality, theology of body

Community service / science promotion


a. Awards and honorable mentions for publishing

Honorable mention by the Jury for a book on Letters in a bottle. 3 of 33 years, Competition for ‘The best catholic book of a year’; organized by literary portal of Granice.pl (April 2014)

1st Roma Brzezińska Journalist Award ‘Sign of Good’ for a paper on Does God ask for heroism? Anti-conceptual dilemmas, published in monthly magazine ‘On the Way’, 9 (2008).

a. Popular science books

Małgorzata Wałejko, Letters in a bottle. 3 of 33 years, ed. W. Surówka OP, L. Kozłowska, ‘W drodze’, Poznań 2013

Collection of feuilletons on ethics, academic culture, spirituality and family life.

Małgorzata Wałejko, Zbigniew Nosowski Together or separately? Polemics on a book by Zbigniew Nosowski ‘In pairs to heaven’, ed. W. Surówka OP, ‘W drodze’, Poznań 2010

The book resulted from polemics of the two authors, initially included in the monthly magazine ‘W drodze’; It was a dispute about the primacy of one of major personal traits – solitude or communitivity – in the development of a person.

b. Chapters in popular science books: 1

c. Articles in socio-cultural magazines: 15

‘W drodze’ Monthly Magazine on Christian life – 8

‘Więź’ Catholic socio-cultural magazine – 2

‘Tygodnik Powszechny’ – 2

‘Niedziela Catholic Weekly – 1

‘Oremus’ – 2

d. Articles online: 13


  • Foreign – 1 Positive solitude, lecture for people living alone, London, 23.01.2016
  • Domestic - 24 (Warsaw, Świnoujście, Gniezno, Poznań, Łódź, Kraków, Szczecin, etc., from 2007 until 2017) on: Pedagogy of solitude, education towards internal freedom, spirituality of a woman and sexuality, religious education, bioethical issues
  • Workshops and lectures for the youth - 11 (nationwide and local series of workshops for students of secondary schools and colleges, from 2007 until present) on: getting matured to love and friendship, education for freedom, Spirituality of sexual life, sense of carnality, sexuality etc.
  • Public debates as expert – 6 (Szczecin, Kraków, Wrocław, from 2008 until 2017) on: Solitude as a way of life, education for values, inter-religious dialogue, status of the Church in Poland and in the world, spirituality of women, family values
  • Media – representing of University of Szczecin – 5 (4 in local Polish Radio, 1 talk- show in nationwide TV)
  • Lectures recorded on DVD – 1 Gospel of Solitude, mp3, Produkcja Maskacjusz tv
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