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About Faculty

The Faculty of Humanities was founded, similarly as University of Szczecin, in 1985 and continues Szczecin’s humanistic traditions. It is successor of Higher Teachers’ School in Szczecin, established in 1969, which was transformed into Higher School of Pedagogy in 1973.
The Faculty has full academic rights and offers the following doctoral studies: in the field of humanities, especially in history and philosophy, and in the field of social sciences, particularly in education and politics. The Faculty of Humanities is the largest organizational unit of the University of Szczecin. It is composed of six institutes (Philosophy; History and International Relationships; Pedagogy; Psychology; Political and European Science; Sociology) and two units (Research on Conflict and Peace; Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology). Currently, almost 5 thousand students learn in 49 courses (specialties), both in full-time and part-time studies. There is also over 200 research and training staff, including more than 70 professors and associate professors.
The Dean of the Faculty of Humanities is Professor Urszula Chęcińska, elected in 2016 for a four-year term. The seat of the Dean of Science is vacant at the moment.
The same function in the field of Education fulfills Professor Renata Podgórzańska.  Dr. Hubert Kupiec is the Vice Dean for Organization and Development.
The measure of research activity of the Faculty of Humanities is an interdisciplinary research related to the region of Western Pomerania. It includes history, culture and education, social and political thought, intercultural education and cross-border cooperation which aims to develop universal criteria for evaluating cultural activities of people, leaving on the Polish-German border and in the European Community.
The second aspect of research, expanded by the Faculty, consists in a broad promotion of the humanistic contents and culture, in the presentation of humanistic goals of education, in the spirit of tolerance, multicultural dialogue and protection of humanity.
Scientific research, conducted by the various organizational units of the Faculty, enrolls in the framework of the specific humanistic and social subdisciplines.
Within the academic activities that support scientific research and in order to promote humanistic and social sciences, a series of open lectures, called “Humanistic Szczecin”, is organized at the Faculty of Humanities (University of Szczecin). The prominent Polish and foreign representatives are invited to participate in these lectures.
The Faculty of Humanities, because of its geographical location, is present in the European Research Area all these years. Long-term efforts of the Faculty researchers are related to the coordination of research activities conducted at the international and national level. They are associated with implementation of the various European Union policies.
At the Faculty of Humanities there is active Association of Former Students, Staff and Friends of the Faculty of Humanities (University of Szczecin), called “Together”.